There are three different approaches to achieving collective intelligence in organizations:

  • the Triangle, based on hierarchy and positional authority where a leader is ultimately in charge;
  • the Box, where people have a prescribed area of responsibility and a set of agreements is ultimately in charge; and
  • the Circle, where a creative conversation of everyone is the ultimate authority.
We can help you shift to the Circle, with an authentic, participatory, high-energy culture, where differences in perspective serve as fuel for greater growth and creativity.

  • People feel empowered with a sense of ownership and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • All feel involved, connected and supported in achieving higher collective aims.
  • The organization achieves a higher level of collective intelligence.
  • People realize more of their potential while contributing meaningfully to the whole.
Possible Structure:

How we work with you will depend on the unique needs of your organization. Here is a general framework with basic steps that we can adapt to your circumstances.
  • Develop a greater understanding of your organization and unique needs by interviewing you and several members of your management team in depth.
  • Provide a hands-on experience for your management team of our approach in action. In a series of four facilitated sessions, your team gets to work on your thorniest issues, obtain practical results, and experience this approach from the inside out.
  • Provide learning and capacity-building opportunities for your staff. Experiential and transformational seminars on facilitative leadership, Choice-Creating & Dynamic Facilitation serve to build internal capacity throughout your organization for supporting creative collaboration.
  • Support whole-system community across divisions and levels by periodically inviting microcosms into a creative space in an ongoing Wisdom Council or to address specific issues in Creative Insight Councils.
  • Provide ongoing coaching for you and key members of your team as needed, throughout this transformational process.
Next Steps:

If you know this approach is for you, we invite you to call us at 360-385-7118 to explore what is next.

If you want to learn more: