Dynamic Facilitation Associates offer
a way you can address big impossible-seeming issues in your organization or in your life, and make fast exciting progress. The process evokes heartfelt creativity, where the differences and diversity of people spark breakthroughs. As this happens it builds a strong sense of mutual respect, trust, and the spirit of community. It creates a learning experience for each person and new capabilities in the organization. This process opens new door of possibility for transforming large systems.

In your next meeting notice …

  • Are you making headway on something really meaningful?
  • Do you feel enlivened by this meeting and connected to the others?
  • Are you feeling powerful about what you can accomplish?
  • Are you experiencing creative leaps?
  • Do people hold back from saying what they really think?
  • Does the group avoid the big issues? Or, over-analyze?
  • Is the conversation agree/disagree or persuading?
  • Do people leave the meeting thinking it was a waste of time?
Contact us to find out how we can help you have meetings and organizations where people make headway on meaningful challenges, feel enlivened their interaction with each other, and accomplish creative solutions to the issues they face. We’ll explore which of the following services might be right for you: facilitation, consulting, seminars, and/or presentations.