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Rosa's book cover - Version 2

From Conflict To Creative Collaboration:
A User’s Guide to Dynamic Facilitation

By Rosa Zubizarreta with foreword by Peggy Holman

Available for purchase through and bookstores.

Note: Rosa’s new book replaces her former Dynamic Facilitation Manual and Guide.

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Society’s Breakthrough!
Releasing Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People

By Jim Rough

Available for purchase through and bookstores.

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“The Circle Organization: Structuring for Collective Wisdom”
By Jim Rough

“Comparison of Roberts Rules of Order, Consensus Process and Dynamic Facilitation”
By Tom Atlee & Rosa Zubizarreta

“Report on Dynamic Facilitation in an Organization”
By Tom Atlee

“How to Make a Decision Without Really Making a Decision”
Featured in Communities Magazine in 2002 Winter edition
By Tom Atlee

“Dynamic Facilitation for Group Transformation”
By Tree Bressen

“Choice-Creating & Dynamic Facilitation”
Chapter 4 from
Society’s Breakthrough! Releasing Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People
By Jim Rough

“Choice-creating: How to Solve Impossible Problems”
Published in
Journal of Quality & Participation in September ‘91
By Jim Rough

“Creative Choices: Breakthroughs in Thinking”
Published in
Quality Digest in December ’92
By Jim Rough

“Dynamic Facilitation and the Magic of Self-Organizing Change”
Published in
Journal of Quality & Participation June ’97
By Jim Rough

“Leaders Slay Dragons Don’t They?”
Published in the
Journal of Quality & Participation July/August ’91
By Jim Rough

“Using Crises and Teams to ‘Turn On’ a System”
Journal of Quality & Participation Spring ’02
By Jim Rough

“Facilitating Democracy: The Evolving Theory and Practice of Dialogue”
A Master’s Dissertation 2002, Sonoma State University
By Rosa Zubizarreta

“Deepening Democracy: Awakening the Spirit of our Shared Life Together”
By Fetzer Institute’s Collective Wisdom Initiative
By Rosa Zubizarreta

Interview with Jim Rough in 2004
Translated and published in German
By Matthias zur Bonsen

“The Wisdom Council”
Website reference with process description by Tom Atlee

“A Rebirth of We the People”
Published in
The Good Society Summer ’05
By Jim Rough

“The Wisdom Council: A Strategy for We the People to Create True Democracy”
Published in Improving the Practice a journal of the
International Association of Public Participation in 2005
By Jim Rough

“Innovations in Democracy: An Evaluation of the Rogue Valley Wisdom Council.”
A Master’s Dissertation 2004, University of Oregon
By Elliot Shufford

“Transforming the Public Conversation”
By Jim Rough

“A New Story for Democracy”
By Jim Rough

“An Experimental Framework for Community Democracy”
By Richard K. Moore

Shuman, Sandor.
Group Facilitation: A Research and Applications Journal Volume 7

Zubizaretta, Rosa “Dynamic Facilitation: An Exploration of Deliberative Democracy, Organization Development, and Educational Theory As Tools For Social Change.”

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