What leadership competency is more important than being able to help people address difficult issues collaboratively and creatively, and achieve resolution in a way that builds trust?

Sponsor a Seminar

Benefits to your organization and/or community are numerous:
  • You learn key leadership skills— how to elevate the quality of thinking in groups and meetings;
  • You work on and experiment with solving key issues in your life, the organization, and society… and you make real progress;
  • You learn life skills that are exciting and empowering;
  • You build a network of locally-trained people with whom you can stay in touch and continue building your skills;
  • Participants become a “we” – and build a wider spirit of community; and
  • Individuals with interest can continue to deepen their understanding and practice of Dynamic Facilitation and the philosophy of “Choice-creating”.
You’ll receive:
  • Top quality instruction
  • Dynamic Facilitation Manual and Workbook for every participant
  • Publicity for your organization through recognition in all marketing materials
  • A free space in the seminar, with additional discount opportunities for your organization
Dynamic Facilitation Associates will partner with you to arrange seminar details, including a location, materials, and publicity for the seminar.

Tuition is based on a 3-tier format for Corporate, Government, and Nonprofit employees. Discounts and income-generating pricing scales are negotiated with sponsoring individuals or organizations based on seminar specifics. Call us to discuss this unique opportunity.

Seminars can be arranged as 3-day or 4-day classes; sessions last 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM each day.

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