DeAnna Martin, Associate

DeAnna joined Dynamic Facilitation Associates in 2005. She trains, consults, facilitates, and nurtures the Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Council communities of practice. Prior to joining the organization, she was director of a public health advocacy organization. She has a background in organization development, community organizing, leadership development, and conflict resolution in nonprofits and with the public sector. She has served organizations such as the Public Stadium Authority, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, King County Dispute Resolution Center, American Diabetes Association, Washington State prisons, and the Youth Volunteer Corps. DeAnna co-founded the
Center for Wise Democracy with Jim & Jean Rough in 2001. The Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a voice of We the People in communities through the application of the Wisdom Council and use of Dynamic Facilitation. She holds a B.A. in Humanities and International Studies from Seattle University and a Certificate of Nonprofit Management from the University of Washington. She has expertise in nonprofits, community organizing, conflict resolution, retreats, organizational development, advocacy, youth/adult partnerships, getting started, and schools. Contact DeAnna at (206) 395-4316 or deanna [@]