"Jim's approach is genius. He saw into the heart of a number of essentials and came up with a design that embodies more of those essentials than anyone else has so far." Tom Atlee, Author of Tao of Democracy

Jim Rough, Founder & President

Jim is a business consultant, speaker, and principal seminar leader for the seminar
Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council. He has been leading public seminars on Dynamic Facilitation for over 20 years, while facilitating for clients that include government agencies, corporations, and community-based organizations. He is author of the book "Society’s Breakthrough! Releasing Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People", which Robert E. Steele called, “...certainly one of the hundred most important books available in English.” He is originator of the Wisdom Council process, which is now being implemented in many cities throughout Central Europe, government agencies, cooperatively owned businesses, schools, and communities. He is co-founder of the nonprofit Center for Wise Democracy, which promotes the Wisdom Council. Before founding Jim Rough & Associates, Inc. in 1985, Jim worked as an internal consultant within Boeing, Xerox, IBM, and Simpson Timber Company. His education includes a B.A. in physics from Occidental College, MSEE and MBA degrees from Columbia University and years of independent study in Jungian psychology. Contact Jim at (360) 385-7118 or jim [@] dynamicfacilitation.com.

"Dynamic Facilitation is a proven technology and an incredibly useful invention. The idea that it be applied in a social context is a great idea. Jim Rough should go down in history for these two things, along with Newton and Galileo, once the potential is realized." Richard K. Moore author of Escaping the Matrix : How We the People can Change the World